Main Ceremonies And Symbols Of The Olympics.

The Olympic symbols are icons, flags, and logos used by the International Olympic Committee to boost the Olympic Games. Different characters like flame, fanfare, and motto are used.

Olympic Games ceremonies are an essential part of the Olympic Games. There are mainly three functions involved in the modern Olympic Games: opening ceremony, closing ceremony, and medal ceremony.

Opening ceremony

This is the most important event of the Olympic Games. The opening ceremony attracts hundreds of television viewers and the public present in the stadium at the right time of the Games. During the opening ceremony, the host c country gives a speech about their country’s culture, history, and achievements.

There are a no. of rituals followed during the Olympic Games. Like Games should be declared open by the host nation’s head; the flag should be opened in the stadium, and it should also be raised. The Olympic oath is taken by all the athletes, coaches, and judges.

The medal ceremony:

In the Olympic Games, the first place is a gold medal, the second is a silver medal, and the third is a bronze medal. Besides these medals, diplomas are awarded to fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth places. Even all the competitors and officials receive commemorative medals.

Medals are usually given to the players at the venues after the Games end. The player who has received the first prize stands in the center, the silver medallist is on the right, and the bronze medallist is on the right. Member of the International Olympic Committee gives the medals to the winner, and the flag of all three winners is hosted.

The player who receives the golden medal, the country’s national anthem to which he belonged, is played. At the time of the national anthem being played, all the audience and players are expected to stand up.

The closing ceremony:

The closing ceremony takes place after the final event takes place. The President calls all the players, and they the Games of the next Olympiad. An Olympic fire is extinguished, and the national anthem is played in the closing ceremony. An informal parade of athletes without discrimination based on nationality signifies the close bond of Olympic bonds to foster a party atmosphere in the stadium.

Olympic Symbols

The flag

In the stadium, the Olympic flag is flown together with the flag of other countries. This flag has a white background with five interlaced rings- blue, yellow, black, and red. These rings represent the five parts of the world that are joined together in the Olympic world.

Olympic rings:

There are five rings in the Olympic flag. They represent the inhabitants of different continents- Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. The rings are interlinked, showing equality among the public of other continents. The colors used in the circles are used primarily in the flags of different countries.

These are the different ceremonies that are important to conduct during the Olympic Games. There are many more symbols that signify other things for the players. One of the symbols used is the Olympic motto to encourage the players.