Some Interesting Facts About The Olympics

The Olympic Games are considered the world’s most crucial sports competition in which most of the competition participants. The Olympic Games are held mainly twice in 4 years, alternatively once in summer and once in winter. Different committees regulate these Olympic Games. Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the international Olympic committee; it is a governing body that includes all the detail about the Olympic Games.

The international Olympic committee is responsible for choosing all the Games’ host cities. This is also responsible for organizing the funds for the Olympic Games. There are different symbols and rituals for the Olympic Games. The winners of the game receive the gold, silver, or bronze medal.

Origin Of Olympic Games:

The first time the Olympic Games achieved their importance was in Greece. They lost their popularity in Greece when Rome conquered it. At that time, the Olympic Games were held at Olympia and the Python Games at Delphi. Later similar festivals were held in cities such as Rome, Naples, and Alexandria. They were born between August 6 and September 19 and occupied an essential position in Greek. They were always held in honor of Zeus at Olympia in Elis’s city.

In ancient times wrestling and pentathlon were introduced. In the latter period, the competition was among all the players related to five events: the long jump, the discus throw, a footrace, wrestling, and the javelin throw.

At that time, most of the participants were professionals who were trained full-time for the events. These athletes earned substantial prizes at many festivals. They also often have significant benefits from their home cities. In ancients Games were not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games; they were only allowed to participate in the local Games that were also allowed only in selected cities.

Organization Involved:

The international Olympic committee is an organization that manages the Olympic Games. They are responsible for maintaining the regular celebration of the Olympic Games. They never delegate their powers to any committee, nor do they accept any instruction from any government or individual that, in any way, affects their independence.

This is a permanent organization that elects its members. There are 115 members who will retire, and after eight years of service, their position will be renewed. Organization. These members, if attain the age of 70

The IOC elects the president for eight years. After eight years, the same president can be reelected, or the president might be changed. The international Olympic committee meeting happens annually, and one-third of the committee members are mandatory.

Awards Are Given To The Players:

There are three types of awards that are given to the players. If they win, they will get gold, silver, or bronze medals. They, as a whole, represent a country. The flag of the country is hosted whose player wins the gold medal.

The Olympics is where people of different religions and castes compete and come together in a place. The Olympics is a good source of entertainment for the players and the audience. Players practice a lot to win these Olympic Games.